reEmber playland
a photoshoot installation for Teva's new shoe collection
The Teva® Playhouse is an installation built in the Amboy Salt Flats for their Fall 2021 photoshoot. For the release of their new shoe, Teva requested a set installation that captured the ethos of the shoe—a soft, slipper-like outdoor shoe made out of recycled materials, giving the user maximum comfort when trekking the rugged environment. Conceived as a play-place for adults, we aimed to design an installation that instigated whimsical movements amidst the harsh desert landscape.

The design consisted of a series of set pieces made out of soft and recyclable materials. Set-piece-one is a fort—a stack of uniform bays set with various material inlays, including colorful arches, vinyl plastic, and shimmering curtains. Set-piece-two is a puzzle wall—a series of interlocking blocks that can be disassembled and arranged to create various interactive spaces. Set-piece-three is a stair to nowhere—a set of two stairs, one made out of plywood and one clad in soft foam, that can act as circulation or be a detachable installation of its own. Together these three set-pieces formed interchangeable scenes that offered a variety of photo opportunities.

Location: Amboy, CA | Year: 2021 | Client: Teva | Type: set installation | Office: i/thee | Team: Neal Lucas Hitch, Martin Hitch, Kristina Fisher
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