dwell in transition
an urban regeneration of piazza dell' unita italiana
Piazza Dell' Unita Italiana is one of the first piazzas that people see when entering Florence, Italy from the main train station. Over the decades, a lack of thoughtful design has left this once historically significant place in shambles and overrun by car parking. Piazza Dell’ Unita Italiana is a significant point of circulation in Florence as it connection point between three main churches, the market, and the train station.

The new design seeks to clear away the present barriers and re-establish its connectivity to its surrounding context. Increased pedestrian mobility allow commuters to easily flow from the adjacent train station to the rest of the city. Sloped green spaces rise from the ground, forming benches at the ends. These provide various seating options and invite people to stay and dwell in this public space before they transition to their next activity.
CORE: This piazza serves as a core that links several important paths together. The obelisk serves as the new core within the piazza, linking the pedestrian routes. 
VIEWS: Reducing the barriers brings visual clarity and understanding. Keeping elements below eye level allows for unobstructed views into the piazza. 
MOBILITY: To provide ease of mobility to all users, pedestrian paths are increased while still maintaining vehicular access.
USE: Enhancing the main use of the piazza as a transitional space ensures that the daily users’ needs are met. While new seating with sloped green spaces brings new use and welcomes people to stay.
dwell in transition
florence, italy
type: academic individual project
year: 2016
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