flipping chair
a chair made out of a single 2x4
flipping chair​​​​​​​
type: academic individual project
year: 2016
Exploring within the constraint of economy, the task at hand was to design a functioning chair with only one 2x4. To make the most of the “budget”, the 2x4 was cut into 1” strips. The idea behind the design was to create a multi-use chair so that as one flipped the chair around, the various uses could be explored. The middle bar is stained to highlight the flipping motion and guide users to explore. The main point where that bar crosses over another, a mortise and tenon and lap joint combination allow the bar to flip over seamlessly. Throughout the rest of the chair, bridle and mortise and tenon joints are used to create seamless joinery that accentuates the thin forms. 
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