a sustainable alternative to land reclamation
E(co)system is a process using the forces of nature, such as weathering and erosion, to create new land formations conducive to the growth of diverse ecosystems. Placed in the waters along coastal cities, it provides a sustainable alternative to land reclamation – a procedure which is typically destructive to a city’s natural habitat. At the same time, it serves as a protective barrier from storm floods by mitigating wave energy along the coast.

Unbiased towards plants, animals or people, these new landforms create a rich experience, bringing people back in tune with nature’s systems – a new kind of environment allowing all living organisms, human and nonhuman to co-exist. As people and animals move about the structure they are greeted with endlessly unique views and novel spaces. These landforms not only offer a sustainable future for our environment but also sustain our mental health, as we become a harmonious actor in the network of the world.

The process of E(co)system starts with creating the massing of the land. For the models, natural clays and silts were compressed and piled into general shapes. Next, water jets and compressed air were used to simulate the effects of erosion on mountains. Thus, the models were eroded into biologically natural, organic shapes; amorphous masses free of any recognizable geometry. The end result is a series of islands that facilitate the growth of plant and marine life, as well as human, and animal habitats, all in one place.
type: competition
team: i/thee - kristina fisher, neal lucas hitch
year: 2017
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